Thursday, November 15, 2018

Adam Dollar$ is one of Baton Rouge"s best kept secret. Adam may not be the most popular name around Baton Rouge's gangsta rap scene that everybody glorifies, but to my amazement he can sell out The Varsity Theatre near LSU. Adam Dollar$ fell on my radar through his loyal fans and Marcel P Black. The Hip Hop Community in Baton Rouge is growing. Marcel P Black in my opinion is the leader of this growing culture... to make you understand a little more...Baton Rouge is a very violent city and gangsta music thrives....they want hardcore gangsta rap or jig music(High Tempo X-Pill Music) so this loyal Hip Hop culture has grown a loyal fan base. I will do a Separate write up on Marcel P Black later, Adam Dollar$ makes music that you can bring anywhere in the world. I was super impressed by his bars and disappointed that i didnt know about him way sooner!! Check out this awesome piece of  work titled "Sugar & Spice" and check Adam Dollar$ out for yourself on all Music Platform Outlets and follow on Instagram @AdamDollars

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