Monday, November 19, 2018


Natalie feat. MGE Phat - “Loverboy” 

First 10 secs: The beat and intro are hot. I like how this starts.

Concept: Dope.. Very Solid

Hook: I like the hook, Its crazy because i feel like the term “Lover Boy” is old and corny… Like something granny would say lol. but “Forever my Lover……Boy.” is dope. I Think this song has radio potential. i would really like to see how the video is put together. Strong visuals are needed to support this record.

Verses: Natalie can sing sing…good vibe and flow…. “We do our own by our own rules… the own rules part sounds off key…it sound a little off. Otherwise the delivery and sound are awesome. MGE Phat i like your sound and approach on this song, good verse… straight to the point and executed well. Very simple nothing memorable but smooth fit and solid. Also love the exchange at the end between you and Phat.

Beat: Sounds great.. very solid production, beat mix levels are good.

Sound Quality: Mixing and Master are good on this song. 

Overall I give this song a 4.5 out of 5 I like Natalie”s voice, MGE Phat came in and created a solid smooth balance to this song. I would definitely give any record Natalie is on a listen. Oh and side note…when i reviewed this song everybody at the crib liked it. lol This song has radio potential. 

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