Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Cairo Hughes - “That Raggedy” 

First 10 secs: Beat and intro reminds me of that old 2000 Baton Rouge rap sound and feel.

Concept: Good

Hook: Is ok.... the repetitive mentioning of “that raggedy” has stuck in my head. Simple and catchy can work but I’m not sure if this one will catch. I like it but I feel like it’s behind on time and it’s not time for this sound and style to return.

Verses: Energy and His voice sounds good, no catchy bars or punch lines that stuck with me. Simple and to the point and flow is good. Would like to hear more metaphors or similes and catchy phrases that will stick to my memory. 

Beat: It’s solid but its dated. Sounds like beginner sounds. This beat would fit perfectly into the early 2000’s Beelow, OCB, Thug Addict era. An upgrade of sounds packs and sound kits may help. Producer can obviously make beats but this style and sound seems old. 

Sound Quality: The recording sound levels are mixed cool, I don’t hear the clean crisp sound of a mastered record on the cpu speakers nor in the headphones. 

Overall: I give this song a 1.5 out of 5 I like the artist energy and flow. I also like the concept of the song because I’m from the rageddy! (Baton Rouge) 

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